As I sit here and write our little miracle is in the next room sound asleep. A once empty nursery is now filled with love, laughter and many noises. A dream is now a reality, a couple now a family.

We love to share our adoption story. Our names are Dave and Angie and we have been blessed beyond our wildest imaginations. We, like a lot of couples, desired and dreamed about building our family. Due to infertility issues, we knew that having biological children was not an option for us. We began to pray for guidance and direction and loved the idea of adoption. In the beginning, we had little information about adoption and were not sure where to begin. We had so many questions. We wanted to know how long we would have to wait, how we would be able to afford an adoption, and if we would ever be chosen by a birth family. We began to get answers to our questions when we called Tracie Satterfield of Children’s Home Society in September of 2005.

During our first conversation we knew Tracie was confident that our dreams could come true. She couldn’t provide a definite answer on how long it would take, but she gave us hope through her knowledge and true concern for adoptive families and also birth mothers. We began our home study process with her in October of 2005. I still remember the very first visit. We were so nervous. Our house has never been as clean as it was since she left a year ago (ha ha). The meeting went so well. We could relate to her and could open up and ask her anything that was on our minds. We began the paperwork process and continued to meet with her until our home study was complete. We were done with everything by the end of November 2005 and then the exciting part of being activated began. We had chosen Children’s Home Society and also another agency to be activated with to give ourselves more exposure to birth mothers. The wait began.

This is obviously the hardest part of adoption. You have done all you can do. It truly is out of your control. You just live each day hoping and praying that you will be chosen and you will hold your baby in your arms. For us, that day came in May of 2006. We received a phone call from a doctor who knew we were trying to adopt and said he had a birth mom who wanted to give her baby up for adoption. We were overjoyed. We truly couldn’t believe it! We went to the hospital and frantically called Tracie to ask her what to do. She faxed all the necessary paperwork to the hospital and she was there the very next morning to meet with us. We took our daughter home that day and begin to pray again that the birth mom would sign relinquishment papers with Tracie and sure enough she did. There are no words to describe how we felt that day.

We cannot thank Tracie enough for all she has done for us. We highly recommend Children’s Home Society for adoption. Tracie was there every step of the way. We don’t think we could have done it without her. We can’t say enough about the positive experience we had.

Finally, please know that if you are considering adoption we know what you are going through. All the tears we cried as we struggled with infertility cannot even compare to all the smiles we’ve had since our daughter was born. You will get the baby God has planned for you. I know in my heart our daughter was created and designed specifically for us. We are forever grateful to her birth mom for choosing life and giving us the best gift we could ever ask for.

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