Family Success Story

Roger & Peggy

We started our lives together like most couples thinking we would have children in a couple of years when we were more settled. But boy did nature have a wake up call for us. We tried the fertility drugs and treatments, spent thousands of dollars and still no children. My husband was all for adopting but I wasn’t quite sure if I’d be able to bond with a child that I didn’t give birth to. We talked with the adoption specialist at the Children's Home Society and most of my fears and concerns were laid to rest. The home study was simple and done before we knew it.

A little while later, we got a call asking us to foster a two and a half month little boy and we said yes and that’s when the journey began. Less than two months later we got another call asking us if we were interested in adopting an 8 year old girl. Again we said yes.

Each of our children’s adoptions was totally different. Our daughter came to us legally free and ready to be adopted after the six month waiting period was over. Within a year of her coming to us she was adopted. Our son’s adoption was a lot more complicated and was especially emotional, he wasn’t legally free and there was a chance that his biological mother could get him back. For a year we were terrified that we would lose him but the call we’d been praying for came, our little boy’s biological mother signed away all rights to him. A year later he was officially adopted.

When you adopt children you don’t think about them being your adopted children, they are just your children and you’re their parents. I was worried about us fitting together as a family but our children became our family the day they came into our home. Now my husband and I couldn’t imagine not adopting, it’s the best thing we ever did. Everyone wins with adoption and it’s that simple. I’m thankful that there is such a thing as adoption otherwise my life would be missing two miracles.


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