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Birth Families’ Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions and concerns birth parents may have when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Please contact one of our experienced social workers to talk privately about these and other questions you may have. Our program is designed to inform you about all of your options, including adoption, so you may make an informed decision about your future.

3. Will my child think I didn't love him?

Adoptive parents often tell their children, even as babies, of the tremendous love their birth parents have for them. Studies show that most adopted children grow up with a great deal of respect and a very special love and appreciation for their birth parents. We encourage you to write a letter to your child and adoptive parents letting them know of your love and care in this difficult decision. There are many children’s books that help explain adoption to children in a way they can understand.

4. Do I have to be sure about adoption before I contact your agency and can I change my mind about adoption?

The reason many birth parents contact us is to find out further information about adoption so they can make an informed decision. A social worker will provide you the details you need so you may decide what’s best for you and your child. You can change your mind about an adoption plan at any point before signing a relinquishment of your parental rights. In West Virginia, you cannot sign a relinquishment of your parental rights until the baby is at least 72 hours (3 days) old. You may take longer if you are not ready to make a decision.

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