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Birth Families’ Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions and concerns birth parents may have when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Please contact one of our experienced social workers to talk privately about these and other questions you may have. Our program is designed to inform you about all of your options, including adoption, so you may make an informed decision about your future.

7. How will I know my child will have a good home?

You may choose the adoptive parents from profiles of families who have been carefully screened and prepared by our social workers. Couples must attend educational training sessions and think carefully about parenting and their decision to adopt. Medical reports, references, autobiographies, background checks, a financial assessment, and home visits are required. After a child is placed with the adoptive family, an agency social worker visits the home for at least six months. This helps insure that both family and child are growing and adjusting well in a caring, loving environment before the adoption can be legally finalized. Adoptive parents are given medical and social background information you provide to insure the child receives quality care. (Adoptive Parent Profiles)

8. Can I get pictures and progress reports on my child after placement?

Some adoptive families are willing to provide pictures and letters for a period of time following placement. If you want this, we will work to match you with an adoptive family comfortable with this option.

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