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Adoption Is A Good Choice

bullet Children need a family with whom they can bond.
bullet Children need daily guidance and love that take time, commitment, and maturity
bullet Adoption is a good way to meet the fundamental needs of children who need a family

Research confirms that adoption is a good choice for children, birth mothers, for adoptive parents and for society.

A Good Choice For Birth Parents

bullet Are more likely to finish school and obtain a higher level of education
bullet Attain better employment and have more financial stability
bullet Are less likely to repeat another unplanned pregnancy
bullet Report a high level of satisfaction with their decision for adoption

Birth Parents Exhibit High Levels of Satisfaction in Knowing That:

bullet Adoptive parents are less likely to be divorced
bullet Adoptive children are less likely to live with a single parent
bullet Adoptive parents are more likely to have a college degree

Frequently Asked Questions

(Information provided from National Council for Adoption Copyright, Adoption Liaison Curriculum 2005)

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