We truly believe we are soul mates and thank God for leading us to each other.  We love each other very much and... (Full Story)

Thank you for reading this and considering my family as a prospective adoptive parent. I enjoy working as a high school Spanish teacher. I was raised in West Virginia and...(Full Story)

We respect and admire your love, and the strength it has taken to make this decision. We are praying for you, for wisdom and peace in decision making. We hope... (Full Story)


Our Families

We were high-school sweethearts and got married only a few years after high school and have been married for several years. We knew it was meant to be from the beginning and can honestly say that we are each other's best friend. (Full Story)

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and giving us a chance to begin our family.  We are very excited about a little one coming into our lives.  We are Tim and Heather.  We have been married 7 years.  (Full Story)

Adam and I met in the summer of 1993 and have been a couple ever since. Adam was my high school sweetheart and my dream of marrying him came true in the summer of 1996. (Full Story) We'd like to share a bit of who we are with you. Our names are Nicholas and Stephanie, and we have been together since 2005. (Full Story)
We’ve been married since 2006, several wonderful years. Devin is a carpenter and Tonya is an elementary school teacher. We live near Tonya’s parents so there would always be family close by. Tonya’s parents are also extremely excited... (Full Story) We have been married more than 11 years now, but our relationship started out as friends about 19 years ago. We went to church together and participated in many church activities together. Brian surprised me with a dozen roses on...(Full Story)
We are Gretchen and Devin. We have been married for 7 years, and reside in a beautiful and rural area of West Virginia. Gretchen was born in New Hampshire but moved to West Virginia as a baby, when her parents adopted her...(Full Story) We married in 2008 and knew right away we wanted to start our family. We both love kids, and our careers as elementary school teachers allow us the opportunity of working with kids on a daily basis. We met at...(Full Story)


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