Adoption Resource Library

The following is a brief list of some of the resources available at the Adoption Resource Centers.  There are numerous resources available such as books, videos, magazines, and brochures.

Resources For Children

  • The Things Little Kids Need - An Illustrated Children’s Book
  • Twenty Things Adopted Kids wish Their Adopted Parents Knew - The difficulty of asking
  • The Day We Met You – Illustrated children’s book
  • A is for Adopted – Illustrated children’s book
  • We’re Different – The lifelong search
  • A Child’s Journey Through Life – Journal
  • Did My First Mom Love Me – A story for an adopted child
  • Anne Of green Gables ,  A Classic Adoption Story
  • Happy Adoption Day – Illustrated children’s book
  • Mother For Choco – Illustrated children’s book
  • Never, Never, Never Will I Stop Loving You – Adoption love story
  • Adoption is For Always – A book for children
  • In Their Own Voices – Transracial adoptees tell their story
  • How I Was Adopted – An illustrated children’s book
  • Getting Ready For Adoption   - A creativity book for children
  • The Mulberry Bird – A children’s illustrated book
  • Seed of Love – For brothers and sisters of intercountry adoption


  • Adoption and Safe Families Act
  • Finding Forever Families
  • Through the Eyes of a Child
  • Pathways to Permanence
  • Letting Go

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