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What is Adoption?
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What Is Adoption?

The Starting Point

You have made one of the most important steps in your journey to adoption by contacting our adoption program. Pursuing adoption can be a difficult decision to make for some families. It may have taken you months or even years to get to this point.

The time you will spend in the assessment process and waiting for a placement will feel difficult, but this time can be well spent educating you further. Learning about the issues surrounding adoption is important for everyone who is considering this commitment. If you have not previously taken the time to learn about adoption issues, you need to begin now. If you have already completed some research on these issues, you may find new ways of learning more from the list that follows:

  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Internet resources
  • Books
  • Other adoptive parents, adoptees, or birth parents
  • Adoptive parent groups or social events

Some specific subject areas you may wish to explore include:

  • Open adoption
  • Legal risk
  • Sibling bonds
  • Search and reunion of adopted children with birth parents later in life
  • Talking to children about adoption
  • Birth parents perspectives on adoption
  • Adoptees perspectives on adoption as adults
  • Genetics vs. environment
  • Adoption after infertility

Some suggested readings and Internet sites have been provided in the Resource Library . There are also numerous articles and newsletters available for viewing through our Adoption Resource Center.

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